doc martens vintage ‘World is your oyster’ at Digital Creator

pastel doc martens ‘World is your oyster’ at Digital Creator

Digital Creator’s launch day was as broad as the program intends to be throughout the year.

The media arts hang out space aims to introduce curious teenagers to digital technology, like photography, studio lighting, smart drawing and film editing.

But as the poster for Saturday’s event noted none of that is up your alley, don’t worry, we have an Xbox One! lead Tyler Levesque explained that the space, which is in the Timmins Museum behind a room filled with historical items in storage, can be used for whatever teens are interested in.

they want to get out of the space, essentially, is what we want to offer here, said Levesque.

world is your oyster on that thing, he said to a teen who’d just sat down in front of a computer. whatever you want. space, decorated with string lights and art, offers several computers, a gaming system and plenty of equipment.

somebody is looking for a space to take it easy and play video games, we can provide that. If somebody is looking for a space to, at their own pace, approach cameras or Photoshop or lighting, or slowly be exposed to some of this stuff, then we can offer that as well,
doc martens vintage 'World is your oyster' at Digital Creator
said Levesque.

also perfect for somebody who’s looking to dive right into it. I love this stuff. I love talking about this stuff. My friends are pretty tired of me talking about this stuff, so hopefully I find an audience of people who are interested in it. program lead comes from the film industry in North Bay.

idea of Digital Creator North started to get shared around, recalled Levesque. was interested immediately. said it wasn’t so much the teaching, as the potential to do youth programming, that drew him in.

always such a blast. It just seemed like the perfect fit. Vezina was the first program lead for the program in Timmins, starting out at the pop up shop operated by the museum over the summer while the building underwent renovations. Levesque said the program has been successful so far.

Saturday’s open house drew in teenagers like Jessica Arbic, an 18 year old O’Gorman High School student whose specialty is designing characters.

She’s hoping that access to the Digital Creator space encourages her creative side.

don’t have to be an artist, but you have to be creative in your own way, said Arbic, who hopes to learn how to use new programs to design her characters.

This month’s slate of free programs for teens aged 14 to 19 include meme building on Tuesday, Podcast 101 on Saturday, light painting on Jan. 30 and experimental photography on Feb. 3. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will be drop in days.

hope is to offer a whole range of stuff, so there’s more simpler but entertainment driven activities, like the meme building workshop that we’re going to be having next Tuesday, said Levesque. relatively simple, I think anybody can do it, but it’s an absolute blast.

also things that are a little bit more technically demanding like light painting, which is also super fun, but definitely a little bit more advanced. said the idea is to see where the community’s skill level is, and go from there.

He said the program is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation,
doc martens vintage 'World is your oyster' at Digital Creator
with support from the Timmins Public Library and the Timmins Museum.

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