dr martens chelsea boot Andrews Consolidated hosts concert in new gym

dr martens velvet Andrews Consolidated hosts concert in new gym

Renovations at St. Andrews Consolidated School were officially unveiled Tuesday evening [Dec. 16] during the school’s annual Christmas concert.

The school didn’t offer tickets to the concert. Instead they opened it up to parents, guardians and community members to have the opportunity to come and see the new gym.

“It was fantastic and we had a lot of people at our Christmas concert,” Suzanne Delaney, principal at St. Andrews Consolidated, said. “As usual, Jackie Dunn MacIsaac had a fabulous concert blend.”

Throughout the process of renovations, Delaney said teachers have had a chance to be in and out of the school and see the changes. Though there is still some work to be done before the school’s renovations are completed, teachers and staff are looking forward to officially being in the school on Jan. 5. Currently, they are still functioning in the other section of the school.

Delaney said the biggest change to the school is going to be the amount of new space to house the services they offer and the 258 students.

“The first section is new offices and our main offices and gymnasium. The gymnasium is the size it should be for students in Grade Primary to 6 so that’s exciting,” Delaney said, noting the music room is another big change.

“We now have a nice stage and the stage is also a classroom so the music lessons will take place on the stage.”

The new space has also created room for a guidance and Schools Plus area.

“At the end of phase two when everything is done we will have a facility that is of equal quality to all of the other schools,” Delaney said. “Currently we are lacking in office space so we are offering all of the services the other schools are offering but we do not have the space.”

Though Delaney said it has been a long process, it hasn’t affected teaching because they still had their classroom areas. Delaney said she is thankful for her patient and cooperative staff.

Delaney believes the students are going to going to be most excited about just having a new space, as well as the bigger gym and music room. The students had the chance to practice on the new stage the Friday and Monday before the concert and Delaney said it worked well.
dr martens chelsea boot Andrews Consolidated hosts concert in new gym

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