doc marten dealer boots And so with Superman and Lex Luthor

doc martens mens shoes And so with Superman and Lex Luthor

Call this entry what you want too much time on hands, over analyzing, geekout overload, experience analogy, observation of a witnessed situation or plain opinion, and oh it can so go far out there.

I will start off the background scenario that is adapted to the more contemporary storyline. It will be accepted that Superman (Clark Kent) and Lex Luthor are best of friends in a complimentary way of life and personality, the rich who supplies the resources and the less rich who supplies the morals, the one that is political and the one that is homegrown. The situation is somewhat consistent on two tv shows. As far how it is portrayed in the comic books, I have not looked it up (Did that reduce my geek cred?).

I will not discuss their roles to the society and their responsibility in their own realm. I will merely discuss the drive that they have when one is in another’s thought. That drive is hatred that gets amplified thru continous agitation.

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend,” quote William Blake. Such difficulty is a seed for hatred. To have an enemy lacks the personal connection. It’s a superficial relationship that comes into play from a need, or lack of reason or logic, or even stupidity. It gets resolved when predictably both parties come to understanding. To have a friend that is your enemy is something extremely personal. This type of enemy knows you and you know them. It is a friend that betrayed you because it knows how to do it to you. One perhaps took advantage of another’s kindess with the repayment of lunacy and self centered, cold hearted personality can be defined as inately evil.

These two characters do not strike at each other because they know each other. They only act indirectly at each other. Luthor to rule world and Superman to stop him both indirect acts. What is extremely dangerous is their agitation. Both powerful they maybe but the most effort is to hold it back.

“Wrongs are often forgiven, but contempt never is. Our pride remembers it forever.” quote Lord Chesterfield. Enemies wrong you and you forgive them. You are in contempt to your friend. A friend that is your enemy will be forever.
doc marten dealer boots And so with Superman and Lex Luthor

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