vegan dr martens Chinese Restaurant in ChinaTown

doctor martens covent garden Chinese Restaurant in ChinaTown

cuisine select cuisine select cuisine We visited the Chinese part of the Pacific last week. We ordered two starters and two main courses what followed next was a farce. Two starters and one main course were served at the same time whilst the second main course arrived with a 40 minute delay. When we approached the waitresses, they replied to us in a very snappy, patronising and impolite way, trying to make out it was our fault (not sure what the misunderstanding is if two starters and two main courses are ordered). There was no attempt on their behalf to try and change our experience, quite contrarily all staff remained impolite and unappologetic. Throughout this experience it was difficult to catch the waitresses’ eyes. The food wasn’t interesting either the choice is very limited and the tastes were bland.

This was an awful dining experience and I would not recommand this place. I would recommand the Yang Sing in Manchester which has repeatedly provided good food in a lovely environment.

If you look on the restaurant’s website under special offers, it says (quote):”Enjoy a 30% discount off our la carte menu during the hours of 12 5pm. Terms Conditions apply, contact us for more information.”

so I contacted them and the person on the phone, whose English was not very good, confirmed that this applied to the a la carte menu. So off the four of us went, ordered a fantastic meal thinking we would be making big savings, only to be told at the end that the discount applied to Dim Sum and nothing else. It spoiled what would have been a great meal. Not only that, I think it’s really misleading so I’m going to give it a low rating.
vegan dr martens Chinese Restaurant in ChinaTown

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