doc marten triumph Chemical in McDonald’s fries may cure baldness

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2018 03 11T04:49:00ZSedgwick County Dispatch confirms one person was seriously hurt in a car accident in northwest Wichita.2018 03 11T21:02:31ZWorking with both sight and canine sense of smell, a group of volunteers are not giving up on finding Lucas Hernandez. “Our motivation is that we do not want Lucas to be forgotten about, search organizer,
doc marten triumph Chemical in McDonald's fries may cure baldness
Julia LaForce said.2018 03 10T22:14:28ZIt been three weeks since Lucas Hernandez was reportedly last seen and the public is not letting this case slip through the cracks like so many others.

Memorial ride, benefit dinner organized in memory of 10 year old killed in crash written by Bryan Ramsdale

2018 03 10T21:33:33ZFamily and friends of 10 year old Riley Worster are going to hold a memorial motorcycle ride following the girls death.

Fraternity shut down at Kansas written by Associated Press

2018 03 11T01:25:00ZA fraternity at the University of Kansas has been closed because of several health and safety violations and a failure to meet its national organization’s guidelines.

NCAA game times released for Wichita written by Morgan Downing

2018 03 12T01:12:13ZINTRUST Bank Arena officials have released practice and game time schedules for the NCAA tournament games.

1 killed, 1 hurt in West Wichita car accident written by Annette Lawless

2018 03 10T16:23:46ZOne man is killed and another person is hurt in an accident in west Wichita early Saturday morning.

2018 03 08T03:01:37Z”I thought there wasn’t enough fuel. I bought a new fuel pump,
doc marten triumph Chemical in McDonald's fries may cure baldness
took the gas tank down to replace the fuel pump to find out it’s full of drugs.”

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