doc marten shoes uk Cheap ways to keep your car in top condition through the winter

dr martens kids shoes Cheap ways to keep your car in top condition through the winter

Kody Hogan of Buff Out Auto Detailing traveling car detailing service gives us his best (and cheap) tricks and tips to keep your car in top condition through winter months.

“Snow Brum”makes cleaning snow from your car safe for your paint. It made of foam instead of nylon bristles or hard plastic, therefore, it won be scratching your car. This Amazon find will cost you less than $15.

It important to get the road salt and sand mixture off of your car as often as possible. You can spend money taking it through a car wash, or you can spend a little bit of time washing it thoroughly yourself.

When washing the outside of your car, use two buckets. One should be used as a rinse bucket with clean water and one will be used as the soap bucket. This way you not reintroducing the same dirt you just wiped off of your car into the soap. Make sure both buckets have grit guards on the bottom. That will help trap the dirt and salt that you remove from your car. You can find buckets with gamma seal lids on Amazon for less than $15. The grit guards will cost you about $7.

Use a sheep skin cloth to wipe your car.


When you get into your car, you bringing salt from the roads and sidewalks with you on the bottom of your shoes. Your fabric mats will get hard and crusty.

Ideally, you want to use hard, rubber mats on the floor of your car. Kody recommends the WeatherTech brand. The bevels in their mats trap the water, preventing it from leaking onto the carpets underneath. This brand will cost you around $190 for four floor mats on Amazon.

If you don have the hard, rubber mats, the best way to clean your fabric mats is with distilled vinegar. Make sure it distilled vinegar because regular vinegar may cause discoloration on your mats. Mix the distilled vinegar with water, put it inside a spray bottle, spray your mats and carpets, then vacuum off. If the salt is still tough to get out, you can use a terry cloth towel and blot the mixture, then scrub it with a stiff bristle carpet brush. This method also works on cloth seats.
doc marten shoes uk Cheap ways to keep your car in top condition through the winter

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