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BOVINA, TX The family of a missing elderly couple from Bovina are desperately asking for the public help to locate them.

Rosendo Lara, 81, and his wife, Hortencia, 84, were last seen at their home in Bovina around noon on Friday, January 19.

Their daughter, Anna De La Cruz, said she lives across the street and had seen the couple that morning when she gave her father his Dementia medication.

When she came home around 4:30 Friday afternoon her parents were nowhere insight. She and her family immediately called police.

The couple information and photos have been shared hundreds of times on Facebook. Their information flashes on billboards on busy highways across the state.

De La Cruz said her family has gotten several tips on their parents whereabouts, so she and her brother set out on a road trip to follow the leads.

“We went to San Antonio,” De La Cruz explained. “We went to Austin. Laredo. Belton, Texas. Where the hits were.”

Her parents are in their 80 and her father has health issues, but De La Cruz said she has another reason to worry.

“My parents do not speak English,” De La Cruz said. “We are afraid that they broke down, ran out of gas. They got out of the truck and now they are more lost. I just pray to God that whoever sees them can go up to them and say you know you OK? Bring them back home to us. That is all we are asking for.”

Rosendo Lara is described as a Hispanic male, 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds. He has white hair and gray eyes. Hortencia Lara is described as a Hispanic female, 5 feet 1 in ch tall, weighing 150 pounds. She has black and silver hair and brown eyes.

They were last seen driving a silver, 2000 Chevrolet Silverado pickup with a Texas license plate: GWY 7326.

The Bovina Police Department is the investigating agency on the case. If you have any information call their department at (806)251 1133 or call the Parmer County Sheriff Office at (806) 481 3303.
mens dr martens brogues Elderly Bovina Couple Missing for One Week

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