dr martens factory shop Duval Street Key West

dr martens brogue shoes Duval Street Key West

Key West is teeming with tasty restaurants and lively bars. Numerous Key West restaurants line the world famous, mile long Duval Street. Other eateries are tucked into quiet side streets.

In the Island City, savor freshly caught local seafood, local specialties, gourmet food, or ethnic flavors. Many Key West bars feature live bands, tropical drinks and local characters.

All of the major hotels have their own in house eateries; some of them have two or three. There are also many fantastic restaurants spread throughout the town, many of them on small side streets and lanes,

and several away from the main commercial area of town. Most of the familiar chain or franchise, and fast food restaurants are in the “new town” area of North and South Roosevelt Boulevard.

Seafood restaurants will offer dolphin (mahi mahi), yellowtail, grouper, snapper, cobia, conch steak and fritters, tuna, shrimp, and local crab and spiny lobster, when they are in season. In addition,

they will usually have choices featuring scallops, oysters and clams.

There are several ethnic style restaurants, including Italian, French, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, German, Slavic, and Polish. Cuban food is tasty and inexpensive and something you may not find back home.

Many restaurants offer cookbooks, which make great souvenirs or gifts.

Some restaurants do not welcome children. If you need booster seats or highchairs, it would advisable to call ahead of time and make arrangements.
dr martens factory shop Duval Street Key West

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