dr martens 8065 elected mayor of Hurlock

dr marten chelsea boot elected mayor of Hurlock

HURLOCK Hurlock Mayor Joyce Spratt has been re elected to a second term, according to the unofficial vote tally on Saturday, Nov. 2. Election officials will review votes Monday at the election office in Cambridge, starting around noon, including the opening of 39 absentee ballots.

There was no word on which districts the ballots are for. There is only one district that seems to have a close enough gap for absentee ballots to make a difference, Hurlock’s District One, with 45 votes for Jerry L. Rhue Sr. and 41 for Patricia Ann Finley. Incumbent Gary Henry opted not to seek re election in this district.

In unofficial tally for the mayoral race, Spratt received 313 votes and there were 190 votes for challenger Charles T. Cephas, who will continue to represent District 4 on the town council. District 4 is one of two districts not up for re election this year, as the town staggers its council terms.

District 5 saw the biggest landslide in the election, with 288 votes cast for Earl H. Murphy Jr., compared to 150 for incumbent Christopher Adams and 39 for Clyde F. Collier.
dr martens 8065 elected mayor of Hurlock

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