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Liquor privatization: Did Albertans get what was promised?Twenty years ago next month, the province uncorked a plan to end the 69 year government monopoly of liquor retailing in Alberta. The privatization scheme announced in September 1993 promised to create more selection, lower prices and convenience for the consumer, greater opportunities for small business, and help get government out of the business of being in business.

more Famoso just like old NapoliIt was years ago that Susan Morrow, former general manager of the Princess Theatre and a pioneer in the rebirth of Old Strathcona, warned that the neighbourhood was being destroyed by its very popularity.

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Dining Out: The Bothy a welcome addition to 124th Street ambienceThe 124th Street strip is currently undergoing another resto bar boomlet that must be hailed by all as a positive development. One fine day, if things progress apace, the district might actually rival the city centre and Old Strathcona as the third conk on Edmonton dining godhead.

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Taste Alberta: Tea, as it should be, made right here in Alberta (with recipe)When you think Alberta food products, it easy to conjure up manly images of beef, or sunshine splashed fields of canola. Tea doesn usually leap to mind. But an Edmonton entrepreneur by the name of Fanta Camara has created a line of herbal drinks called Vitaly Teas, which is as steeped in the local landscape as any heritage breed on four legs.

more Taste Alberta: Close to home grown goodnessTaste Alberta: Two Alberta cheesemakers in Canadian Cheese Grand Prix finalsTaste Alberta: Delivery services mean you don’t have to leave home to buy organic food (with two recipesRecord busting Fringe Fest thrives on creativity, expansionThe Village that never sleeps can go to bed happy tonight. The Village of the Fringed, the 31st annual edition of Edmonton monster summer theatre bash, which ended Sunday night, has expanded again, and rather dramatically, at the box office.

more Social Seen: Dr. Martens grand opening and Whyte Avenue Art WalkThe independents are making it big in E town. and Alberta, has opened the first franchised Dr. Martens store in Western Canada and the second in Canada.

more Gallery: Dr. Martens grand opening and Whyte Avenue Art WalkSocial Seen: Latitude 53 and Commercial HotelSocial Seen: Works gala and ZoofestSocial Seen: Al Fresco Block Party and Open Sky Festival

Suggestions for your final Fringe flingFunny thing about the Fringe, and the anarchist liveness of a big summer theatre bash. If you spend enough time at the festivities, sampling widely, you can actually watch weird patterns and themes on the highbrow end, on the lower take shape in your own biography. Thanks to the Fringe, I have seen David Mamet Sexual Perversity in Chicago (with or without its usual companion piece The Duck Variations) more than any other single play IN MY LIFE, by far. Dozens of productions. More than Phantom and Cats put together. More than A Midsummer Night Dream, for heaven sake. One, sometimes two productions a year.

more Edmonton Fringe holdovers announcedEdmonton Fringe Review: Sexual Perversity in ChicagoTreat your taste buds at Edmonton’s Fringe festival

Edmonton Fringe brings out the freaksTo say the Fringe is bursting with colour would be an understatement. Exotic, quirky and downright eccentric creatures roam Old Strathcona day and night, entertaining crowds with street performances or soliciting audiences for their shows.
cherry dr martens boots Edmonton Journal

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