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dr martens dealer boots Guysborough Come Home Week starts Friday

With events from July 21 to 30, the 45th Annual Guysborough Come Home Week is ready to entertain and delight all age groups, current and past residents, first time visitors and those who regularly spend some time in the area quite literally, everybody.

Organizing committee president Angie Tavares said preparations are coming along “great.”

“We have a lot of different events planned this year,” she said. “With some of our regular activities, we have changed around a little to draw more of a large age group.”

Asked about the importance of Come Home Week for the area, Tavares, who is also director of recreation and special projects for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough [MODG], said it’s at the top of the list for local merchants.

“This is when people book their vacations to come home,” she said.

“And, from talking to local businesses, compared to Christmas or any other time of the year, Come Home Week is when they really make their money.”

As for special aspects of the 2017 holding of Come Home Week, Tavares talked about the Canada 150 theme which will run through the event to celebrate the country’s milestone birthday.

She also talked about a new event, the Centennial Voyageur Canoe Pageant which will take place this Saturday (July 22). “We have a plaque made up to unveil at the waterfront.”

With additional and enhanced activities, comes the need for more volunteers and Tavares said the community call out has been answered.

“We have more volunteers helping us out this year,” she said.

Amongst the volunteers is Jess Favaro who, along with her husband Greg, has already partnered with the municipality to run a summer music program.

“My duties since June have been to take on all musical aspects of planning, including the beloved Hoedown on the Hill, and to recruit new committee members,” Favaro said in an email response to the Casket.

Asked about her favorite aspect of Come Home Week,
dr martens boots 1460 Guysborough Come Home Week starts Friday
she settled on the aforementioned Hoedown.

“I’m definitely biased towards the Hoedown,” she said. “My father [Steve Wright] had a big hand in reviving it in the early 1990s and I grew up performing alongside this county’s best musicians.

“You can’t beat a gathering of all ages that involves picnic blankets in wide open field with an amazing view listening to great music and cheering for the MODG fireworks.

“This year, we have added a street fair feeling with pony rides, a dunk tank, slip and slide, bouncy tent, face painting, more food vendors, a teddy bear picnic and much, much more. There will also be tickets sold on a basket full to the brim with very generous donations from our local businesses, as well. So far its value is more than $400 of merchandise and gift certificates.”

Favaro talked about what Come Home Week means to her community.

“Not to get too sappy but, Guysborough Come Home Week is just that,” she said. “Our families and our friends return home for a celebration of our community.

“We mentally endure harsh winters, labour through tough working class jobs, watch our families growing up on FaceTime from out west and burn the candle at both ends trying to slow the east coast outmigration. This is the one week where we all get to just relax and play ball, go boating, have pool parties, eat amazing food and dance our feet off. We deserve it we’ve earned it.

“Come Home Week is the heart of our community spirit and it’s what keeps our unique little shire a fantastic place to live.”

Asked about encouraging volunteers or trying to encourage out of towners to take in a Come Home event, Favaro said it isn’t as easy as it may sound, because community spirit is more of a lived experience.

“You know; it’s hard to explain,” she said. “Anyone who lives here gets it Guysborough gets in your blood.

“I guess what I would tell them is to just pick something from the schedule and attend. You’ll be pleasantly entertained, you’ll meet endearing people and you’ll smile till your face is sore. Then,
dr martens boots 1460 Guysborough Come Home Week starts Friday
you’ll get it.”

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