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Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: GETG), a leading manufacturer and marketer of “green” environmentally safer consumer packaged goods and products, announced today the distribution of their G OIL 5W 30 Bio based Full Synthetic Motor Oil in over 2,100 Walmart stores throughout the United States. G OIL is the world’s first and only American Petroleum Institute’s (API) “SM” Certified 5W 30 Bio Based motor oil, a certification that promotes consumer confidence when purchasing and using. It is not re refined or recycled oil, but a blend of nature’s American grown base oils that provides superior performance and protection during the maximum oil change intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers for full synthetic motor oils.

“We are excited and proud that Walmart has chosen our Bio Based Full Synthetic Motor Oil,” said Jeffrey Loch, President CMO of Green Earth Technologies. “Being on the shelves of America’s largest retailer will offer more consumers a ‘greener’ product that sustains people and the environment while reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

Walmart consumers will now be able to purchase both 32 oz and 5 quart sizes of 5W 30 G OIL beginning in early March. The 5 quart bottle front label will feature a printed blue band with the recommendation to “Recycle used oil and filters at your local Walmart Tire Lube Express.” G OIL is completely compatible with all motor oils and can be recycled along with non green synthetic and conventional motor oils.

Starting next week, G OIL Bio based Full Synthetic Motor Oil will be promoted via a variety of advertising vehicles, all of which will tag the “Now at Walmart, Save money. Live better.” message, alerting consumers where to purchase.
dr martens sandals mens Motor Oil at Walmart

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