dr martens sandal Man gets maximum prison sentence in sexual abuse case

womens dr martens sale Man gets maximum prison sentence in sexual abuse case

(WSAZ) A man charged with sexually abusing young girls has not agreed to a plea deal and his case will go to trial.

Michael Vega was arrested in March 2016 and faces 15 sexual abuse charges.

Vega’s trial is scheduled to begin on Oct. 2.

Prosecutors say he will get no more plea deals offered to him.

Vega has already been convicted been convicted for 1st degree sexual abuse out of Wayne County.

He faces 5 25 years for that charge. (WSAZ) A man has been charged with sexual abusing several young girls.

Michael D. Vega, 47, of Huntington, was arrested Monday.

Vega is facing a total of 15 counts on the following charges: 3rd Degree Sexual Assault, felony, three counts Sexual Abuse by a Parent, Guardian or Custodian to a Child, felony, six counts 3rd Degree Sexual Abuse, misdemeanor, six counts

According the the criminal complaint, three alleged victims have come forward. They are all under 16 years old and told officers they were inappropriately touched by Vega when they were between the ages of nine and 11 years old.

The complaint says the incidents happened between April 2010 and August 2012.

“Every child wants to be loved and wants someone to pay attention to them,” said Corporal Marlene Moore with the WVSP Crimes Against Children Unit. “But then when you do it the wrong way, you never know how much damage that child’s going to suffer.”

Moore interviewed the first reported victim on March 1 after a 911 caller reported the alleged abuse.

The girl is 14 years old and told Moore that when she was 11, Vega had touched her in “inappropriate areas” at least 10 different times. She also told Moore that Vega would buy her things like clothes and tell her “not to tell anyone about the tickle game.”

West Virginia State Police Trooper Jeremy Roach tells WSAZ after further investigation, they discovered more alleged victims.

Another 14 year old girl was interviewed on March 9. She told Moore that she was inappropriately touched by Vega around the same time as the first reported victim. She said Vega would inappropriately touch her, tickle her and once tried to look under a bathroom stall while she was changing.

The third alleged victim listed in the criminal complaint is 15 years old. She also told Moore that Vega had touched her in inappropriate areas of her body at least 10 different times. She said one of those times, Vega said, “Come on, let me.” She also said Vega would bribe her with things like a cell phone and clothes.

“He would bribe them,” said Moore. “He would also take them to parks and take them out to eat or to get snow cones different things of that nature. And he would tell them, ‘I’ll get you a cell phone or I’ll buy you this if you do not tell.'”

Moore said the bribery and friendliness is common in cases like this. She said it’s called “grooming.”
dr martens sandal Man gets maximum prison sentence in sexual abuse case

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