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The page is broken down into two sections. The left pane provides navigational tools such as default category views as well as standard and advanced search capabilities. The right pane provides a list of content as a result of the searches performed on the left.

The OASIS Search function is one of the most important and helpful features of OASIS. The Search function allows you to narrow your selection down to a manageable number of choices.

The Search and navigation functionality is located in the leftmost pane of the interface. You can search for content using keywords, a date range, by category or a combination of the three.

To conduct a standard search simply type a keyword or phrase into the box labeled “Enter Search Terms” and choose a date range. The date range can cover all dates, thus the entire database, or you can narrow your search by specifying the starting and ending date.

Clicking on the calendar icon will bring up a calendar that will make selecting a specific date easier. After entering your data, hit the Search button on the right side of the Search Bar.

The results will be displayed in the main content area. You can reverse the result order by clicking one time on the small arrow next to the Column label header.

Oasis also provides an advanced search function to help the user further narrow their search. This feature allows the user to specify where in the story or metadata to look for keywords along with how to use those keywords. The user may also further narrow their search by specifying categories and a date range to search.

Clicking on the Advanced Search icon, just below the Search button, will bring up the Advanced Search popup window. Filling in the information on the screen will allow you to refine your search to find the exact story you’re looking for. The more search criteria you provide the more precise the search results you will get.

Oasis system users can request a terrestrial download of available content. To request a story for download click the checkbox to the left of the story and click Request.

The request window will open. The user will select the location to download the video to and the format or formats required.

Click the Request button. The Download Manager window will open to provide a status on the download of the requested file. Here are some of the download statuses you may see during the download process: Transfer Detail SentIf the transfer encounters any problems during the transfer the user may restart the download by clicking on the green circle to the right of the current status.

When the status shows Complete the file will be downloaded to the location specified. Close the Download Manager window. Close the Request window.

To access the Story Details View double click on an item. The Story Details View will open. In the Story Details View users can access information associated with a story, view a low resolution version of the video, proxy edit the video and request a download of all or part of the video.

The Story Details View window is divided into three sections:The media player is located in the upper left portion of the window. This player is user to view a frame accurate low resolution proxy of the video associated with the story.

Story information details are displayed in the lower left portion of the window.

The script of the story is displayed on the right side of the window.

Users may scroll down the page to find a close and request button. The Close button will return the user to the previously viewed results pane. The Request button will initiate a request for download as described previously.
floral dr martens Oasis Station

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