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SCRANTON Federal agents raided a doctor’s office for most of the day in Scranton.

Agents with Drug Enforcement Agency were seen hauling numerous boxes out of Dr. Kurt Moran’s office on Green Ridge Street in north Scranton. Moran’s patient files but would not go into further detail. The boxes were packed into a truck and hauled away.

One man who came out to the office said he’s been a patient of Dr. Moran’s for several years and had an appointment scheduled for the afternoon.

“I have real bad back injuries and everything else. He’s a good doctor to me. He treats me fair and everything else on that, you know what I mean?”

Dr. Moran’s website shows his practice specializes in pain management and that he runs the Moran Pain Clinic.

None of the workers at his officewould comment.

Workers at other businesses in theplaza said they don’t know Moran but definitely noticed all the police activity.

“Cop cars everywhere,” said Laurie Brislin, owner of Shear Magic Hair Salon. and all the cops were already here by the time I got here,” said Alfredo Ramos, who works at Accurate Locksmith.

“Just a parking lot full of many, many cars, tinted windows, police, all different agencies, DEA,” said Julie Maus, owner of Julie’s Nails. “I guess until I know exactly what it’s about, I’m not going to be overly concerned. Obviously, there’s something going on that we should be concerned about possibly.”

“I did see a few boxes coming out but I’m like they have a box truck so they’re taking a lot of stuff out of there,” said Ramos. “Something has to be going on, they’re not going to be spending all that energy for nothing.”

You are absolutely right. People who don have chronic pain, haven got a clue. My dr was arrested after a 2 year investigation by the DEA. Such horrible investigation what does a Agent know about medicine? We have lost the right to good medical care because they can stop the illegal stuff. And please stop with the bs the start on pain meds crap. Everyday it used in surgeries and injuries, the junk behaviors are on the junkies where it belongs. All I can say is find a new dr asap. Sadly if you tell them you a former patient, you will be refused. From someone who lost their doctor of 35 years
dr martens shoes sale uk Office in Scranton

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