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complex. When officers tried to make contact with him, he went back inside. Police believe the man was armed with a gun when he went back into the unit. Concord Police are attempting to bring their armored vehicle to the scene. They urge you to stay inside if you in the area. and Contra Costa Blvd. They are still on scene searching the area. I simply wish that the terms and be avoided by those who do not know what they are talking about; namely news media and the public (and, I fear, many under trained law enforcement).

gun maybe even should be the terms used. Most folks know exactly what the differences are between the first two, and many understand the differences between the last four.

and are terms used, almost always incorrectly, to sensationalize the story. Such terms unjustly demonize firearms that are compliant with California large quantity of byzantine firearms laws and regulations, have good sporting and personal protection uses, and are owned by law abiding citizens.

Whether it is a lawfully possessed, CA compliant firearm or not, wandering around at night in an incorporated city with a bulletproof vest on and ANY firearm in your hand is illegal and a very uncouth move. I hope he gets any help he needs, and whatever punishment he deserves.

I live in Pleasant Hill Village. My downstairs neighbored called me to let me know. The moment my neighbor told me there was a shooter. I looked out the window (I can see the office from my bedroom) and I saw him walking in the hall towards the front door, smoking a cigarette, wearing a beanie, with a bullet proof vest, holding an big a gun. He walked outside and I immediately turned off all our lights and hit the floor. About half an hour prior to that my Fiance and I kept on hearing loud bangs and doors slamming. We thought our neighbor was just drunk again.

They are still in my line of site but I think when mobile command center from Mtz arrived, they backed off from directly overhead to what looks more like dinosaur hill area. The sound is quieter, lights dimmer. Its in alignment with the police being sure of his location (he probably has findmyphone engaged on his iPhone and its likely he and gf had big fight and she called 911 or cops called her, and they have his cell so his exact coordinates. They won’t report anything in news except a blurb at end of 11:00, saying “there is a dangerous situation in downtown pleasant hill, many police units on scene, stay inside, we will let you know more when we can”. This is the right thing to do as network TV media. Don’t tip off the suspect. If he’s armed and on some sort of mission (we won’t know for sure til it’s over but the fact he’s inside an apartment after being reported for having a wedding a bullet proof vest outside his clothes etc for over 2 hours now and hasn’t called police nor has anyone else who is easily identifiable as a resident of the unit, to say, “hey dudes, I was just carrying an air soft gun home from a game at the park, I wore my camo, beanie and a stupid vest and now you got 150 cars on the ground, 2 choppers, lockdown,
dr martens chelsea boot Pleasant Hill Police Searching for Man Wearing Bullet Proof Vest
robocalls, elite teams from far away, a mobile command center, I’m sorry! I see it was my bad, let me come out unarmed with hands up after I explain on phone or you talk to my mom.” That hasn’t happened. He is obviously deemed by professionals as a threat or they’d write it off as DV. No harm, no foul. This is real. Those who think it isn’t or want to just be oppositional to get attention, well, all I can say is good luck with that. I hope you and your loved ones don’t go thru this, even if the “this” is being a loved one of a young man in crisis who is acting fatalistically and out of desperation, most likely ready to kill innocents then die by self inflicted or death by cop suicide. Its a firm if terrorism that happens around the globe every single day. Why couldn’t t it happen here? If this turns out to be all be true, I’m fairly certain the naysayers won’t pop on to say, oops see it all now, I’m sorry I was so wrong.” I am not stating anything definitely but I’m also not opposing just to be an arse.

Channel 7 did report “a major disturbance with contra costa Blvd closed and multiple police on the scene at a popular downtown plaza we’ll have more details when we can update you” Any smart person knows this vagueness of location is not a teaser when they dint come back to address it or even have a ticker on.

The police have been scrutinized in the past for letting media “leak” details as shown in lack of public active threat situation during the Parisian death metal massacre. Mass media has become sensitive to this at our request. When they dint talk, it’s not because it’s not important. When it’s safely over, they’ll talk. For now, hit up here, Twitter pleasanthill etc for info less able to be accessed by the person that’s posing a current safety threat and who could be tipped off, or if PD have info of potential terrorism threat, they may know more than they can say, or not, but they may fear he’s not operating on his own due to his social media posts etc. these experts aren’t stupid and they have a name, history from those he knows and they are acting on what they know until situatikn is safely ended.

Thank you so much for your service and so sorry you are so very far away taking care of us while this piece of well you know what is out there. looks like they think they know where he is as of just a post from someone . only see 1 hilicopter as of now there were 3 not sure if they needed to refuel or what but wanted you to have as much of a heads up as I do being so far away and I am less than a mile away. I can tell you police presence is in full force from many department though ! If I hear more I will surely pass on any info I can possibly find out for you!

I completely agree, this is not the time for bragging of ones knowledge of guns, or being ridiculous by saying they’re drinking beer and watching the police while sitting in lawn chairs. Clearly there is someone that needs help, and if he isn’t apprehended people can and will be hurt I can’t imagine how scared the innocent people (adults and children) were exiting the theater to find out there’s an armed man roaming about. I pray he’s captured and gets the help he needs. I’m just worried sick thinking about the PD that is out there risking their lives not knowing if they’ll be coming home to their loved ones and I’m worried about my family’s safety as well as the people around. This is NOT okay for people to think this is fun. It’s sad and this is how we are degressing as a society today. I’ve been there and done that, combat tours later and I get it, laughing during dangerous situations itself can sometimes be a coping mechanism for some people; in this circumstance it’s totally inappropriate and uncalled for. It’s disgusting. Praying for my family’s safety,
dr martens chelsea boot Pleasant Hill Police Searching for Man Wearing Bullet Proof Vest
the PD and everyone close by.

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