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City and county officials organized Tuesday’s special meeting to figure out how to protect New Mexico children. Albuquerque police and the city said they need about $200,000 to hire more child abuse liaisons.

The manpower would be used “so that none of these cases has a chance of being overlooked or falling through the cracks,” APD Deputy Chief Eric Garcia said.

He said these liaisons help officers investigate child abuse allegations. There are currently only three to review more than 900 child abuse cases a month.

“Those liaisons are critical to what we do,” he said.

Officials from Albuquerque Public Schools were also at the meeting. They said more social workers are necessary to help students who might be in trouble at home. Currently, there are only nine for the entire district.

“That’s not enough,” said Dr. Kristine Meurer from APS’ Student and Family Support Division.

As for the state Children, Youth and Families Department, officials hope to start hosting school assemblies to teach students about child abuse and how to report it.

“There are things that can be happening in those families that aren’t OK, but the kids don’t know that’s not OK,” said CYFD Secretary Monique Jacobson.

Lawmakers said they will work on getting money to help pay for these needs. In the meantime, they ask residents to help stop child abuse by reporting it.
cheapest dr martens uk police need more help addressing child abuse

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