doc martens vintage ‘World is your oyster’ at Digital Creator

pastel doc martens ‘World is your oyster’ at Digital Creator

Digital Creator’s launch day was as broad as the program intends to be throughout the year.

The media arts hang out space aims to introduce curious teenagers to digital technology, like photography, studio lighting, smart drawing and film editing.

But as the poster for Saturday’s event noted none of that is up your alley, don’t worry, we have an Xbox One! lead Tyler Levesque explained that the space, which is in the Timmins Museum behind a room filled with historical items in storage, can be used for whatever teens are interested in.

they want to get out of the space, essentially, is what we want to offer here, said Levesque.

world is your oyster on that thing, he said to a teen who’d just sat down in front of a computer. whatever you want. space, decorated with string lights and art, offers several computers, a gaming system and plenty of equipment.

somebody is looking for a space to take it easy and play video games, we can provide that. If somebody is looking for a space to, at their own pace, approach cameras or Photoshop or lighting, or slowly be exposed to some of this stuff, then we can offer that as well,
doc martens vintage 'World is your oyster' at Digital Creator
said Levesque.

also perfect for somebody who’s looking to dive right into it. I love this stuff. I love talking about this stuff. My friends are pretty tired of me talking about this stuff, so hopefully I find an audience of people who are interested in it. program lead comes from the film industry in North Bay.

idea of Digital Creator North started to get shared around, recalled Levesque. was interested immediately. said it wasn’t so much the teaching, as the potential to do youth programming, that drew him in.

always such a blast. It just seemed like the perfect fit. Vezina was the first program lead for the program in Timmins, starting out at the pop up shop operated by the museum over the summer while the building underwent renovations. Levesque said the program has been successful so far.

Saturday’s open house drew in teenagers like Jessica Arbic, an 18 year old O’Gorman High School student whose specialty is designing characters.

She’s hoping that access to the Digital Creator space encourages her creative side.

don’t have to be an artist, but you have to be creative in your own way, said Arbic, who hopes to learn how to use new programs to design her characters.

This month’s slate of free programs for teens aged 14 to 19 include meme building on Tuesday, Podcast 101 on Saturday, light painting on Jan. 30 and experimental photography on Feb. 3. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will be drop in days.

hope is to offer a whole range of stuff, so there’s more simpler but entertainment driven activities, like the meme building workshop that we’re going to be having next Tuesday, said Levesque. relatively simple, I think anybody can do it, but it’s an absolute blast.

also things that are a little bit more technically demanding like light painting, which is also super fun, but definitely a little bit more advanced. said the idea is to see where the community’s skill level is, and go from there.

He said the program is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation,
doc martens vintage 'World is your oyster' at Digital Creator
with support from the Timmins Public Library and the Timmins Museum.

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dr marten chelsea boot mens ‘Wildlife Docs’ host Rachel Reenstra returns to Michigan in upcoming episode

doc martens patent ‘Wildlife Docs’ host Rachel Reenstra returns to Michigan in upcoming episode

GRAND RAPIDS, MI The Emmy nominated show “Wildlife Docs,” hosted by Grand Rapids native Rachel Reenstra, will air an episode featuring her home state when Saturday’s show has the host traveling to northern Michigan.

The nationally syndicated program airs locally Oct. Saturdays. Reenstra, a Hope College graduate, hosts the program that focuses on the care for animals at Busch Garden Tampa’s Animal Care Center. They often volunteer their skills to wildlife projects around the world.

The upcoming episode was filmed in Manistee and showcases the American marten, a member of the weasel family once almost extinct in the region due to deforestation and hunting for furs. It has made a strong resurgence in Michigan.

“I moved to California to get work and now they keep sending me back home,” Reenstra said with a laugh. “It was really cool. My parents were there and got to see what their daughter does for a living.”

“The best part was I got to go into the field,” she added. “Usually I’m filming from (Busch Gardens). It was so exciting and it brought me back to my ‘Ms. Adventure’ days,
dr marten chelsea boot mens 'Wildlife Docs' host Rachel Reenstra returns to Michigan in upcoming episode
where I got to go and observe animals in their habitat.”

Reenstra hosted a show on Animal Planet in 2007 called “Ms. Adventure” where she traveled the world and compared animal and human behavior.

For the “Wildlife Docs” episode Reenstra was joined by GVSU’s Dr. Paul Keenlance who is leading research efforts on the Manistee National Forest marten population. She assisted Keenlance and Dr. Maria Spriggs, a veterinarian at Busch Gardens Tampa, with the radio tracking of radio collared martens.

“I got to do a bit of telemetry,” she said. “You know, the thing that looks like a big spork, to try and find the collared martens.”

Reenstra expressed the importance of what the doctors on the show do beyond caring for the animals at the park.

“They do so much more,” Reenstra said. “They are funded by the SeaWorld Conservation Fund and focus on rescue, rehabilitation and release. This is one of the first times I got to show people what they do. We really can bring some of these nearly extinct animals back.”

A repeat broadcast of the episode will also be aired on Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 28.

Reenstra will be back home in Grand Rapids for the holidays as she has been named as the Grand Marshal in this year’s Art Van Santa Parade on Nov. 21.
dr marten chelsea boot mens 'Wildlife Docs' host Rachel Reenstra returns to Michigan in upcoming episode

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dr martens brogue shoes ‘We are very much at risk right now for a recurrence’

dr marten biker boots ‘We are very much at risk right now for a recurrence’

LAS VEGAS (WKRN) Talk show host and psychologist Dr. Phil is in Las Vegas speaking with the victims of the nation’s deadliest mass shooting.

As people try to make sense of the tragedy, Dr. Phil says only a truly demented person lives in such an extreme to carry out such an evil.

basically set up a killing field. This is happening more frequently. And it just doesn I mean it just doesn make sense. The significance that it happened in Las Vegas, it just people coming from all over the world to come here. And so you get a cross section where it touches every part of the United States and every part of the world, Dr. Phil continued.

PHOTOS:Shooting on the Vegas strip

He also warned mass tragedies such as these can often be contagious.

“There is clearly a contagion effect for these types of things. We see it in two particular areas. One is suicide. If a suicide happens and it gets glamorized in the media, we see an uptick. We see this contagion effect and copycat occurrences,
dr martens brogue shoes 'We are very much at risk right now for a recurrence'
and when you have this kind of violent act that gets so much coverage, it brings out these extremists, these unstable individuals that are likely to replicate this sort of thing,” Dr. Phil said.

He continued, “So I think we are very much at risk right now for a recurrence of this type thing in the near future,
dr martens brogue shoes 'We are very much at risk right now for a recurrence'
not just in the United States but in other places as well.”

He also said he has personally stayed at the Mandalay Bay dozens of times and looked out the window at the view below. He says to stand there now is chilling.

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dr marten darcie ‘Leonardo’s Cat’ game pits Michelangelo against Da Vinci

dr martens green shoes ‘Leonardo’s Cat’ game pits Michelangelo against Da Vinci

Michael Frith spent the bulk of his career working with the Muppets. Today, the latest project from the semiretired artist has him reimagining history and bringing his expressive, handcrafted characters to the world of mobile gaming.

“Leonardo’s Cat” is the master of puppetry’s first mobile game, but he downplays the shift to the digital world. You see, Frith has always been tinkering with technology.

“One of the things that’s always driven the work that we do is experimentation, trying to see what we can do in and with media we had not worked with before,” Frith says, speaking over the phone from the study in his New York home. “With ‘The Muppets,’ we pioneered things like motion capture.”

Whether he is working with games or puppets, the questions Frith asks himself are the same: “How do you take the place that you are in, the tools that you are given, and find new and interesting and exciting and hopefully beneficial ways to use those tools?”

“Leonardo’s Cat,” released last week by StoryToys on Apple’s app store, is a child friendly game with an educational bent, grown up worthy brainteasers and the voice of “Star Trek’s” Patrick Stewart as Leonardo da Vinci. Using Frith’s animated designs, the game imagines an alternate history, one where Da Vinci and Michelangelo were thieving rivals and a cat was a muse.

Puzzles involve sending the cat into the air and over water, and the game even offers a new theory or two for some long held riddles. Who, for instance, inspired the Mona Lisa? The game shows us Da Vinci painting his famous work with his cat Scungilli as the model.

That’s one possibility, at least according to the artwork of Frith, who earlier in his career was a principal on “Fraggle Rock.”

“When you think of Leonardo, it immediately conjures images of the great magicians of fiction,” says Frith, whose take on Da Vinci has a Santa Claus like beard and a baggy blue wizard’s robe.

“He really is the prototypical Merlin, except he was real. He could do just about anything and everything.”

“Leonardo’s Cat” emphasizes the inventor side of the famed painter and scholar. Although there are some creative liberties taken, contraptions in the game are inspired by Da Vinci’s drawings and artwork his flying machines, for instance, or his cannonball projections. The story involves a feud with Michelangelo, who has taken Da Vinci’s designs for a robot and scattered them around 16th century Amboise, France.

In an effort to recover the automaton, players place Da Vinci’s inventions around the game levels say the outside of a castle and direct Scungilli to operate the tools. If there’s a wooden barricade, fire a cannonball. If Scungilli needs to reach a balcony to avoid the perilous water, use a propeller craft but watch out for the storm clouds.

It’s a pure puzzle game; the only action involved is deciding which inventions to use and where to put them. Once players are convinced Scungilli can be led to safety, they simply tap a play button and watch the level unfold. But miscalculate the projections of a spring and Scungilli will be left with a nasty headache and the level will start over.

Frith approached the designs, he says, as if Leonardo and Scungilli were in one “of those odd couple relationships where they’re absolutely dependent upon one another.” The two reminded him of Muppet pals Bunsen and Beaker.

“Thinking of him as a magician, every magician needs a familiar, right? For many magicians the familiar is a cat,” Frith says. “If this is going to be about Leonardo and his cat, you’re immediately thinking about a symbiotic relationship between these two characters. My first reaction was that he’s a magician but also a bit of a mad scientist. Every scientist needs a guinea pig.”

Scungilli will definitely be used as something of an experiment. Some levels give a player multiple springs for Scungilli to jump on but only one kite like floating device. Plenty of times I sent the cat, who purrs and meows throughout the adventures, into the sea or a thunder cloud.

There is a slight educational aspect. Between levels, players learn little details about Da Vinci’s work, but the $2.99 “Leonardo’s Cat” never felt like a teaching or academic tool. In that sense, Frith says, it reminded him of the work he’s been doing his whole career, including on the development of “Fraggle Rock.”

“It was a show with very deep messages we wanted to get across about the independence of all people and cultures and how dependent we all are on the Earth for the gifts that it gives us,” Frith says. “It was a way to try and say some things we felt were important. I see this world of apps as just being a continuation of that.”

During our conversation, Frith noted that he’s sitting near his concept art for 1996 film “Muppet Treasure Island.” Today, Frith spends his free time with No Strings International. The charitable organization makes puppet films and stages puppet workshops for children in traumatic situations. Recent No Strings projects, for instance, have focused on the conflict in Syria.

Although “Leonardo’s Cat” is decidedly less serious, it allowed Frith to explore the potential of apps. He’s excited by the transformative potential of the medium, noting that cellphones are often accessible even in war torn areas.

“People have cellphones,” Frith says. “This stuff is there. This medium, which was once for the few and the privileged, is now ubiquitous, practically. To be thinking about ways one can take these messages and reinterpret them to help people in these dire situations that can be cool.”

Even though this is the first work Frith has done on an app, it’s not his first game. In a way, “Leonardo’s Cat” brings his career full circle. One of his first jobs in the early 1960s was working with Dr.

“One of the early things I did back in the Dr. Seuss days was develop some in school games based on the Seuss work that we were doing,” he says. “Today they would look positively ludicrously primitive, but at the time they were great fun.”

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dr martens sandals ‘In Living Color’ Flygirls start a fashion buzz

dr martens wollaston factory shop ‘In Living Color’ Flygirls start a fashion buzz

The Flygirls, a quintet of stylish hoofers who hip hop on the Fox TV show “In Living Color” every Sunday night, have a look that might best be described as a combination of street chic, haute couture and K mart blue light special. The mishmash of styles has inspired designers worldwide to clone the look, and legions of wanna bes canvass the racks of Los Angeles boutiques in hopes of doing the same thing.

The show’s costume designer Michelle Cole likes to sum up the Flygirls’ semi androgynous style this way: “A little bit of girl and a little bit of boy.”

Los Angeles designer Claudia Gersh of Helios calls the look “rap meets disco.” Henry Duarte, who designs the Sqwear line, refers to the look as “Uptown Motown.”

If you have not caught their 20 second opening act now in reruns here is what you have been missing: Sequined mini dresses over combat boots, sweat shirts pulled over chiffon skirts, leather studded bustiers riding above football trousers cut like hot pants and laced at the crotch. And always, because a flygirl a term taken from New York street lingo, which means “the best” wouldn’t fly without them, fishnet hose.

“The Flygirls are like little runway models coming out at the start of the show. But their look is not about dresses and heels,” Cole says. “It’s about contradiction, things you wouldn’t think go together, but do.” Like a strand of pearls worn with a man’s suit.

Cole describes another Flygirl look, one she calls the “cutting edge Catholic schoolgirl” ensemble. It consists of a hooded shirt worn over a white T shirt with a pleated plaid miniskirt, fishnet hose and Dr. Martens combat boots. The look is topped off with a cropped motorcycle jacket.

Every week Cole collaborates with choreographer Rosie Perez to create new looks for the dancers Lisa Marie Todd, Carrie Ann Inaba, Cari French, Jennifer Lopez and Deidre Lang all of whom are twentysomething and guard their ages like Zsa Zsa Gabor.

“In terms of cutting edge,” Inaba says, “I think we’re touching all bases music, dance and fashion. They’re all connected and for us, they all come from the street.”

Adds Lopez: “Right now the dance scene is very loose. So is fashion. It’s whatever you want it to be, expressive or explosive. It’s dance fashion with attitude and feeling.”

To achieve the Flygirl look, Cole visits designer showrooms long before their collections are sashayed on runways in Los Angeles and New York.

She shops at thrift stores for accessories and junk jewelry, including pearls, which she says “feminize” the combat boots, leather gloves and Carnaby caps, biker jackets, zippered spandex jumpsuits, and bold colored outfits emblazoned with peace, love and mystic symbols.

Cole also browses and buys at boutiques and specialty stores across Southern California. The designer picks up more ideas from her observations of the Los Angeles’ nightclub scene and street life.

Cole also gets help directly from Los Angeles designers.

Duarte’s Sqwear line includes men’s suits in bold colors that have become favorites of the singing group Tony! Toni! Tone!

When Cole saw a men’s suit designed by Duarte on one of the group’s videos, she tracked down the designer and asked him to whip up five in the brightest yellow, green, orange, blue and purple. The Flygirls flaunted the she suits at a Motown salute and later wore them on “In Living Color.”

Fan mail poured in for information about the outfits, Cole says, and that persuaded Duarte to develop a Sqwear line of suits for women. The suits, which include a vest, retail for $650.

The basic Flygirl wardrobe

So you wanna dress like a Flygirl? For starters, says costumer Michelle Cole, it helps to have a toned physique “not a model’s body, but a body with a little bit of muscle, a dancer’s body.” And, she adds, a “good attitude about clothes contradiction” helps. The rest is a snap.

Here’s how to pull off the look:

Cheap pearls small not oversized to wrap around the wrists owear long around the neck are big. Flowers, particularly daisies pinned to garments, are a Flygirl must. Both accessories “feminize” the tough chic look.

Dr. Martens combat boots or granny boots (patent leather iout) worn with black fishnet hose and black socks folded (not slouched) over the top are a Flygirl trademark. “Pretty Woman” thigh high boots also qualify.

Extra large white T shirts, preferably from a 3 pack by Hanesare part of the look. Studded bra tops, kneepads, race car driving leather gloves are other lead accessories.

A pleated miniskirt, a cropped motorcycle jacket and several hooded sweat shirts complete the list. (Non hooded sweat shirts won’t do; the hood is the “thing,” Cole says.)

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martens boots Antigonish native named top paramedic in P

dr martens cherry red Antigonish native named top paramedic in P

I started off in Antigonish and surrounding areas,” Vasil said, noting she worked full time in her hometown for a period, as well as neighbouring Port Hawkesbury.

“I have worked all over Nova Scotia. I have worked on the offshore of Cape Breton, down the Gulf of Mexico, up in the Northwest Territories and over in western Africa.”

About three years ago, Vasil and her fianc moved to Canada’s smallest province.

“I went to Holland College for my advanced care paramedicine, which is an upgrade from my primary care,” she noted.

The seeds for her career were planted at a young age.

“I have always wanted to help people and I grew up with a first responder in my family; my stepfather is a paramedic for 25 years, so I guess you could say that I followed in his footsteps,” Vasil said.

She agreed her field is one that is changing constantly.

“It has definitely changed; it has gone from a first responder, CPR role to a mobile ICU, basically,” Vasil said. “There’s so many things that we can do now; we, basically, bring the hospital to you, as opposed to bringing you to the hospital.

“Just in the past 10 years, I have seen a huge expanded scope in all levels of paramedicine from primary care right up to advance care,” she added.

It is understatement to say that Vasil keeps busy.

Vasil is also lead editor of the association’s newsletter, along with overseer of a merchandisestore.

“I am also the lead of the mental health committee,” Vasil noted.

She also organizes the paramedics’ symposium, which will become an annual event.

“I have also started a first responders’ mental health education day here,” Vasil said.

She drew inspiration from John Garth MacDonald, an Antigonish native and founder of Helping the Helpers, an annual

post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) awareness and education day.

“I wanted to start educating other paramedics about mental health and what we could further do,” Vasil said, noting MacDonald

was her first supervisor after graduating.

MacDonald was a keynote speaker for the first Breaking Barriers First Responder Mental Health Education Day in Charlottetown.
martens boots Antigonish native named top paramedic in P

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dr martens vegan 1460 boot Anthony players prepare for hockey tournament in Florida

dr marten stockists Anthony players prepare for hockey tournament in Florida

ST. ANTHONY, NL Members of St. Anthony recreational hockey league will be lacing their skates and competing in Florida this spring.

Currently 12 players from the area have signed on to take part in the tournament. Before their big debut, organizer Noah Smith hopes a few more will also step up to the plate and join the team.

played the James Cook tournament in Corner Brook every spring the past four years, Smith said. between the jigs and reels and sitting around and have a few swallies, a few of us decided to go a bit further and take the team on the road. Annual Weekend Hockey Tournament in Clearwater Beach, Florida takes place from April 19 21 with players of various age and skillset across North America. When Smith heard word of the tournament, he got the boys together and began organizing with the tournament contact in Ontario.

Some of the oldest skaters at St. Anthony polar centre will be bringing their years of experience to the tournament, including 70 year old Eric Boyd.

50 plus category is what we be playing in; I was hoping to get in the 70 plus category, Boyd said with a laugh.

Being the oldest player in their recreational league, Boyd looks forward to the tournament as a potential farewell to his many decades playing hockey.

me, it a once in a lifetime opportunity, he said. career is starting to wind down with hockey, so it be a good way to finish it off if I decide to retire this year. says the tournament organizers ensure the teams are thoroughly vetted and the team they face off against will be of an equal skillset.

make sure the talent is the same, we not expecting to play against former NHLers, Smith said. not competitive, it just for fun. the team is ready to give it their all and get a winning game. Smith says they have their minds set on returning home as champions.

looking for a big celebration when we get back after we win the tournament, we hoping to anyway, said Smith. got some big guns on the defense, so if we can turn their smiles around we do alright. paperwork is filled and the flights from Deer Lake to Tampa Bay are now booked. If the stars align and Tampa Bay is in the playoffs with a home game while they in town, the boys plan on attending an NHL playoff game as well.
dr martens vegan 1460 boot Anthony players prepare for hockey tournament in Florida

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resole dr martens Anthony Muse

doc martens ebay Anthony Muse

Community Experience: Board of Directors, Red Cross; Greater Southeast Community Hospital; Prince George’s Community Ministries (past president). Past President, Southern Maryland Ministers’ Alliance. Executive Board, Southern Maryland Area Self Help. Past member, Foster Care Review Board, Prince George’s County; Baltimore City Teacher Advisory Council, Task Force to Study Rent Stabilization for the Elderly in Prince George’s County, 2007; Co Chair, Task Force to Study How to Improve Financial Literacy in the State, 2008 10. Member, Task Force on Prisoner Re Entry, 2010.Key Issues: Education, Jobs and Economic DevelopmentAnswer: Given the fact that the recession hit nationwide, I believe we did all that we could. I think that the alcohol tax is one possible solution to assist with healthcare and other programs that have been cut.3) Should the state shift some or all teacher pensions to counties? Explain.Answer: No, the state should not shift the teacher pensions to the counties. If pensions are shifted to the county, we will see a additional cuts in funding for high priority services such as education and public safety.4) Should the Maryland General Assembly legalize medical marijuana to be sold at state run dispensaries?Answer: Yes, during the past legislative session I heard the outcry of my constituents from all walks of life. There is overwhelming evidence and testimony from doctors who came to Annapolis that medical marijuana can relieve certain types of pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by such illnesses as multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS or by the harsh drugs sometimes used to treat them.5) Should Maryland recognize same sex marriages performed in other states? Do you support legalization of same sex marriages in Maryland?Answer: No to both of the above; however, I believe it should go to a state referendum and the citizens of Maryland should decide.6) Would you support the expansion of gambling to include table games?Answer: I am likely to support a referendum, and again I think the citizens of Maryland should decide.7) Is state funding for schools too much, about right or too little? Of too little, where would you find additional money?Answer: Given the present economic condition, I think that we did all that we could.8) What, if anything, would you do to address foreclosures in Prince George County?Answer: I have worked to address the foreclosure crisis in Prince George County. Specifically, in the 26 district, as we have the highest foreclosure rate. Over the last 4 years my office directly assisted constituents in reaching out to their mortgage companies to receive assistance with loan modifications and restructuring of home loans. I also, worked with my colleagues for the Foreclosure Moratorium in 2008 legislative and the Foreclosure Mediation legislation this past legislative session. Foreclosures have a direct impact on every homeowner here in Prince George County. Property values continuously decrease, crime increases, abandoned and un kept properties increase and foreclosed properties eventually turn into eye sores for the rest of the community. Therefore, I will continue to work to reduce to foreclosure rate in our County.9) Is District 26 prepared for the impact of BRAC? How would you address challenges, if any?Answer: I believe in general we are ready. I think we will have to do more work in terms of road construction and school capacity must be addressed. Also, I hope that as a result of BRAC, jobs and all of the above will not simply be brought from the outside.10) What are your thoughts on economic development in District 26? How would you address any challenges?Answer: I believe the state of economic development in the 26th district reflects the county budget with the absence of jobs and the inability to attract more businesses. However, with National Harbor as an anchor of economic development and with 2/3 of it unfinished, the 26th district has the potential to grow. Part of my strategy is to foster collaboration between the state Department of Business and Economic Development and our local Prince Economic Development Corporation. Additionally, a challenge to economic growth is crime and lack of adequate road infrastructure. It is a must that we address route 210, Allentown Road and the beltway congestion.
resole dr martens Anthony Muse

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dr martens france Anthony figure skaters qualify for provincials

dr martens chelsea boot mens Anthony figure skaters qualify for provincials

ST. ANTHONY, NL After another season of hard work, three young St. Anthony skaters are heading to provincial figure skating championships.

Northern Blades Figure Skating Club members Erin Strangemore, 10, Mackenzie Patey, 15,
dr martens france Anthony figure skaters qualify for provincials
and Basia Krupski, 12, have each qualified for Skate Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Skating Championships on Feb. 16 in Mount Pearl.

According to coach Rae Lynn Strangemore, Northern Blades figure skaters have qualified for provincials before, but three is the most the club has ever sent to the tournament at one time.

They are also the youngest to have qualified from the club.

done phenomenal this year, said Strangemore. skated really well and worked really hard. They here just about every day. Mackenzie and Basia qualified with strong finishes in the divisional held in Port aux Basques on Jan. 14.
dr martens france Anthony figure skaters qualify for provincials

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dr marten triumph another seriously hurt in Hampton double shooting

fake dr martens another seriously hurt in Hampton double shooting

Police found the other shooting victim at the 7 Eleven just down the street. He had life threatening injuries and went to a nearby hospital.

They said the shootings are part of the same investigation.

ridiculous really, said Hampton resident Gaston Granger. looks like a whole lot of hate going on out here now. I don know; this is the first time this has ever happened in this neighborhood. It usually quiet here. Police said the victims, who knew each other, were leaving the Happy Shopper when they had an argument with someone in the parking lot. Then the gunfire began.

The victim son, Daron Higginbotham,
dr marten triumph another seriously hurt in Hampton double shooting
woke up Tuesday and learned what happened.

was kind of tough because I’m just getting to know him. He moved here from Maryland, has been here for about a year, and he transferred from the VA up in Maryland to here in Hampton, he said.

He said his father worked at the Happy Shopper and had become close with his grandchildren.

just want justice. I just want to find out what’s going on with the situation would somebody go out of their way to actually just like, you know, kill him? the Crime Line if you know anything about these shootings. Remember,
dr marten triumph another seriously hurt in Hampton double shooting
you do not have to give your name.

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